Jim Harbaugh Storms Off After Acting Like A Baby During A Press Conference

Let this story be a lesson to aspiring reporters and maybe even aspiring coaches, too. Sometimes the expectations in a social situation aren’t shared by everyone involved, so confusion reigns supreme and no one can get any work done.

Here’s the scene: Michigan football coach, Lil Dicky enthusiast and card-carrying khakis club member Jim Harbaugh stood in front of a microphone and reporters Monday. This is where the situation can become an educational tool for people of all ages.

The reporters in the room were the under the impression that this was the setting for asking the coach questions. So one reporter asks about suspended players and, probably adding to the pending confusion, Harbaugh answers it. But what these silly reporters didn’t know was that was the only question they were allowed to ask on the topic.

Harbaugh gives a dickish answer to a follow-up query about how long the players are suspended, then delivers a lecture about how reporters are the worst because they crave information and want to ask more questions. Then Harbaugh left in a huff.

These reporters did not realize that the point of his exercise wasn’t to inquire about the football team; it was to tell Harbaugh how good he looks in his Michigan hat and khakis, and maybe … MAYBE … ask what brand of dip he prefers.

Lots of colleges charge thousands of dollars for classes, but here at Uproxx we just gave you a free journalism lesson, courtesy of a Michigan Man.