Jim Harbaugh Talked His Way Into A Sleepover At A Recruit’s House

jim harbaugh
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You may remember Quinn Nordin, the nation’s top kicker recruit who committed to Penn State over the summer with an elaborate video that included himself, an airplane, and “Coming Home” by Diddy. Well, over the last few months, Michigan coach Jim Harbaugh has worked really hard to flip the three-star kicker, so much so that many experts believe Nordin will end up in Ann Arbor.

Harbaugh really is going to great lengths to pull in Nordin. In fact, he talked his way into a sleepover at Nordin’s house on the night that coaches are allowed to communicate with recruits again after the recent dead period. Nordin told that Harbaugh is showing up at his house at 12:01 a.m. on Thursday and plans on spending the next 24 hours with him.

“Under the exact rules, he’s going to be at my house at 12:01 he said. That’s when it’s legal for him to be at my house,” Nordin said. “He said we can watch a movie, see how well we gel and he said he would sleep over after that.

“I was in tears laughing when he said that. He said the next day, if my parents didn’t want me to miss school, he would go to every class with me and go to lunch with me. I was laughing so hard.”

Nordin also discussed the sleeping arrangements that Harbaugh wanted to make for the night, which included “a 6-foot-3 inch piece of carpet.”

“He told me if I had a 6-foot-3 inch piece of carpet for him to sleep on, that would be enough. I said we have guest rooms, and he said ‘Tell you what, I’ll just sleep on the floor in your room.’ I said ‘Coach, I have Penn State stuff all over my walls.’ He said, ‘Tell you what, I can help you take it down.’”

Is this weird and unconventional? Absolutely, but that’s part of what makes Harbaugh so unique.

(via Scout)