Lovable Weirdo Jim Harbaugh Wasn’t All That Upset That ‘The Simpsons’ Made Fun Of Him

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Michigan football coach and milk enthusiast Jim Harbaugh was recently the object of a joke on an episode The Simpsons, a television program that is somehow still airing new episodes. To both show you the joke and provide proof that this program still produces new episodes, here is the clip:


It’s a solid burn. Harbaugh does a weekly radio appearance in Michigan with Jim Brandstatter, which would be an excellent name for someone starting a sports analytics company, and discussed getting owned by a show that is still on the air.

“People have been making sport of me ever since I can remember, ever since my earliest memories,” Harbaugh said. “Five, six, seven — in the schoolyard. My whole life, they make sport of me. But it’s pretty high class — The Simpsons! I stepped up! It’s one of my favorite shows. I love The Simpsons. The animated shows, The Simpsons and Sponge Bob are two of my all time favorites.”

Then Harbaugh started listing his favorite characters and you can’t convince me he wasn’t reading off a Wikipedia page.

“Homer!” Harbaugh said. “I like Homer a lot. And all the characters: Marge, Bart. There’s so many good ones. I love how they always bring in the voice of Julia Roberts, or — it’s so good!”

After he finished listing characters the way I’d list my favorite characters on a show I’ve never seen but learned about 90 seconds before an interview, he gave the oddest synopsis of one of the show’s greatest episodes, “Homer At The Bat,” where Mr. Burns hires a bunch of ringers to play for the company softball team.

“There was one time where there was a baseball show, they showed a baseball player, and the fans were heckling him. And they go, ‘He hears that all the time, he doesn’t care about that.’ Then they go to a close up to the baseball player, and he’s got a tear coming down his eyes. They think of the most incredible things!”

Do you mean Daryl Strawberry? Can you imagine Harbaugh describing “The Contest” episode of Seinfeld? “Man, they got this George guy and the tall neighbor is looking at the naked lady across the way and that handsome guy from the Kennedy family and bam, one of them is out! They think of the most incredible things!”

He also talks about how he loves Spongebob’s “pizazz” and the quote is so ridiculous that I refuse to believe he said it. As a Rutgers graduate, I look forward to the next two decades of the Scarlet Knights getting their asses kicked by this weirdo.

(Wolverine 247)