Jim Lampley Fights Back Tears On HBO In An Emotional Tribute To Muhammad Ali

The death of Muhammad Ali, one of the most important, iconic figures of the 20th century, has brought about a host of tributes from across the country and beyond. Writers, broadcasters, athletes, celebrities, common folk and many more felt some sort of kinship with Ali, who by virtue of his intelligence, his wit, his ability and his steadfast determination to live his life on his own terms, found a way to relate to so many.

One of the latest to weigh in on Ali’s life and what it meant to him is HBO Boxing host Jim Lampley, who ended Saturday night’s live telecast on the cable network with some thoughts on his hero. With analysts Roy Jones Jr. and Max Kellerman by his side, Lampley engaged in an emotional tribute to Ali and understandably became choked up.

“Try to think,” Lampley implored. “Try to think in your mind right now, of any athlete, male, female, in any sport on the planet, who you think would give up three years of their life, three years at the height of their competitive and money making power, for a socio-political principle. How many other athletes, would do that? None.”

Tough to disagree. HBO Boxing, always at the forefront of the sport in terms of broadcasting, also put together a video tribute to Ali in memoriam. Give it a look, you won’t regret it.