12.11.06 11 years ago 5 Comments

Tom Jones, a reporter for the St. Petersburg Times (that's Florida, not Russia), gets all huffy with Jim Mora's response to the mind-numbingly cliched question, "If you could blah blah blah, who would you invite to dinner?"

So we learned the three people Falcons coach Jim Mora would like to have dinner with are his wife, Shannon, Jennifer Aniston and Jessica Alba. And the last book he read was Webster's Dictionary. Wonder if he got to this word? Slea-zy (pronunciation slee-zee): thin or poor in texture, as a fabric; cheap; flimsy: a sleazy dress; a sleazy excuse; a sleazy answer.

Christ, what an insufferable bitch that guy must be to work with. What's Mora supposed to say, Sun Tzu and Albert Einstein? Umm, hello? I'm pretty sure Sun Tzu died in World War II. Dumbass.

Of course, I support Mora's decision to invite the hot chicks, but Jennifer Aniston? She makes the top two? I guess it would be her job to talk to the wife while Jim tried to get some private time with Alba. Well, that's what you get for inviting your wife, retard. 

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