Did Jim Nantz Force Phil Simms Out Because Of A Playoff Game Fart?

A lot of eyebrows were raised when it was announced that Tony Romo would replace Phil Simms during CBS’ weekly NFL coverage. Simms has been paired with Jim Nantz for years, and while he wasn’t exactly the most popular analyst on television, it was still interesting when word came out that he was going to be replaced by someone who has never been in a booth before.

One Twitter user thinks he has figured out why this sudden changed happened. It all goes back to the AFC Wild Card game between the Steelers and the Dolphins in Pittsburgh. That person, @jakedstuart, believes that Simms cut an extremely nasty fart, one which led to Nantz being so disgusted that he demanded a new partner once the season ended.

We can’t hear any tooting because the mic wasn’t near Simms’ butt, so we are required to go off of the reactions in the booth. Here is what we can definitively infer:

  1. Nantz looks SUPER uncomfortable, and while he is discussing a field goal attempt, he kind of has to take a second to compose his thoughts. He also gets a look on his face that reads, to me, as one that says “oh my god, did Phil fart again?”
  2. Simms starts laughing while attempting to stir up some banter between himself and Nantz. This seems like the actions of someone who just let one rip and was proud of how nasty it smelled, mostly because someone who was around him couldn’t say anything about what happened.
  3. Nantz straight up gets up while the camera is still on him and breaks for the window through which he watches the game. Simms tries to bust his chops and ask if he’s doing alright, which leads to Nantz giving us our most concrete piece of evidence. Nantz, who is about as close to unflappable as they come, seems ever so slightly overwhelmed as he says “I’m fine, I’m worried about you … My man Phil playing hurt today. Hanging in there. Doing just great.”

Could “playing hurt today” mean that Simms went a little too hard the night before and had vicious gas, a la Jerry Gergich during his fart attack?

It certainly seems like that’s the case. I choose to believe — both based on the evidence and the fact that this would be tremendous — that Simms cut a nasty fart during the game, which pushed Nantz over the edge and led to him demanding a new broadcast partner. From there, Romo just happened to fall into his lap, and we now have a new No. 1 announce team for the NFL on CBS.

(Via ProFootballTalk)