Jim Tressel Will Be New Colts Coach, Says People Trying To Win Super Bowl Tickets

01.24.12 6 years ago 2 Comments

Indianapolis Colts owner Jim Irsay is the kind of guy who’d be a 52-year old multimillionaire and have his Twitter icon be a picture of himself playing guitar, so it shouldn’t be surprising that he’d offer two Super Bowl tickets to whatever random person could predict the new Colts head coach. It would also not be surprising if he propped up a cardboard box with a stick, put Super Bowl tickets under it, then pulled the stick away when you crawled under to grab them.

The contest, via @JimIrsay:

However, like any contest suddenly proposed by a rich person, there are rules:

That is, literally? The most hurtful thing ever tweeted by a human being.

Of course, unless Irsay is planning to promote an unknown or choose his next head coach from a bingo cage, there are only so many candidates to choose from. Baltimore Ravens defensive coordinator Chuck Pagano is interviewing for the job. Todd Haley was supposed to end up back in Arizona, but that soured. Maybe Peyton Manning really is retiring and will end up as head coach. Maybe a player-coach? I guessed “Mike Hargrove”, but that’s probably not right.

Let’s check the responses to see what Irsay’s followers think …

Tressel is seriously about 85% of the responses. How awesome would it be if Tressel was announced as the new head coach and Irsay had to buy Super Bowl tickets for like 8,000 people?

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