Jimmer Kicked Out Of His Own Classes

BYU basketball star Jimmer Fredette is the closest thing that Utah has to a rock star, so much so that he’s now cutting classes–at the best of the school’s own administration.

“It was getting too disruptive,” Al Fredette, Jimmer’s father, told The Post-Star that his son’s fame on BYU’s campus means he “can’t go anywhere in Provo without being recognized” and deluged with requests for autographs.

–SLC Tribune.

I’m pretty sure that “Don’t come to class” is in the BYU Honor Code, which would help them immensely with recruiting. Of course, some guys would just go to class anyway. It’s a youngster’s rebellious nature that makes him such a fine athlete. Nappy hair helps, too. Doesn’t it, Jimmer?