San Diego State was one of two undefeated college basketball teams in the country, but no longer. BYU, led by senior sensation Jimmer Fredette, scored 47 points as his Cougars took down their Mountain West rival in what some might call his signature game to date.

“It was a physical game and we stayed with them for about 35 minutes, but we just couldn’t hang for 40,” San Diego State coach Steve Fisher said. “This team is really good and our team is really good. I think we are both capable of beating any team anywhere at any time.”

BYU (20-1, 6-0) has won 10 straight, and six in a row at home against San Diego State (20-1, 5-1).
–Y! Sports.

And yeah, I had a big cry yesterday about how little I think of college basketball in February, but this Jimmer fellow seems to be doing something magical over at BYU. I can’t shortchange his holy underwear, the staple of every good Mormon. And anyone stuck in a foot of snow. Looking at you, east coast. Img via.