11.20.06 11 years ago 7 Comments

I'm going to take a break from writing about things you might care about to congratulate Jimmie Johnson for not choking away NASCAR's championship yesterday. Johnson finished ninth in the season's final race to win his first Nextel Cup. But more importantly, McDreamy was there!

Patrick Dempsey, who stars as "Dr. McDreamy" in the popular ABC television series "Grey's Anatomy," was on hand for the race… And now, Dempsey said, he's open to buying into a NASCAR team.

The only thing that surprises me about "Grey's Anatomy" is how it wasn't created any sooner. It's such an obvious pitch. So, okay, it's like "Sex and the City"… except the women are doctors! And uglier! And bigger idiots! What's that smell? It's almost like a perfume of estrogen, with some top notes of indecision and a base of Dempsey's week-old stubble. Ah, must be an Emmy statuette.

Oh right. NASCAR. Anyway, the season's over and now we have to wait a whole two months for the next season to begin. We're in that weird part of the year where NASCAR's over, college football is in mothballs until the holidays, and we're all forced to give the long-overlooked NFL a little bit of attention.

UPDATE: Bonus NASCAR coverage — from The Big Lead, which is on fire today, here's why stereotypes exist.

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