Jimmie Johnson’s ‘Anything Except What I’m Doing In Real Life’, New For XBox

Jimmie Johnson’s Chase for the Sprint Cup isn’t going so well, but at least he’s passing and defeating Jimmy Fallon in a game of Jimmie Johnson’s Anything With An Engine on ‘Late Night With Jimmy Fallon’ this week. Anything features the same outlandish action you’d except from a seventh place finish in the Sprint Cup Series and all the overt stereotyping you’d expect from a NASCAR audience, including characters like motorized-toilet-riding sumo wrestler “Gotta Go San”.

Fallon is actually a downloadable character in the game, and hopefully if you press X enough times he stops racing and just stands there snickering to himself while everyone else finishes. Reviews of the game (which was released on Tuesday) call it fun and addictive, and no, I haven’t played it, so I guess biggest problem with it and with Fallon in the clip is the phrase, “it’s like Mario Kart for adults”. You know what else is like Mario Kart for adults? Mario Kart. I’ve had more adult fun playing Mario Kart Double Dash!! than I’ve had watching NASCAR, much less playing a NASCAR-guy-endorsed PS1 port of Wacky Wheels.

You can check out the clip from the Let’s Play archives after the jump, courtesy of From The Marbles.

I hope “it’s like you’re throwing stuff, and there’s a pit stop area” was the pitch for this game. I say “I hope” there, because I know the actual pitch was just “celebrity-endorsed garbage game for grandma to buy you because it’s 10 dollars less than actual Mario Kart”.