Jimmy Fallon Reunited Don Mattingly With His Mustache On ‘The Tonight Show’

While the American Mustache Institute continues to lean on the public vote to choose a new Greatest Sports Mustache, one of the former all-time greats in baseball facial hair made his triumphant return to New York City last night. The Los Angeles Dodgers are in town to play the New York Mets, so manager and Yankees legend Don Mattingly stopped by The Tonight Show to “surprise” host Jimmy Fallon. The reason? Fallon had Mattingly’s old mustache on as a guest as well, so it was the reunion that so many of us had been hoping for all these years. Life knows no greater love than that of a man and his mustache.

In all seriousness, though, as a man who will never know the joys of such facial hair due to an eternal curse of boyish good looks, I find Mattingly’s willingness to joke about his decision to simply lose one of the greatest American mustaches to be irresponsible. There are millions of us out there who would kill to grow a Tom Selleck or Rollie Fingers, but we’ll never be able to fulfill that dream. Mattingly simply mocks us all in this Fallon clip, and it makes me and my bare upper lip so sad.