Jimmy Fallon Used Puppies To Predict The Super Bowl Because SCIENCE

Senior Writer

We don’t get to talk about late night talk shows very much, not since Magic Johnson made sure that no athlete would ever again grace the stage of a major network. Fortunately, while Jay Leno and Charlie Sheen were busy tap-dancing on Johnny Carson’s grave, Jimmy Fallon was cheaply pandering to us Internet sports geeks with two things that we love more than our own mothers – the Super Bowl and puppies.

Fallon was doing his letters shtick and revealed a very good question from one of his viewers:

“Hey Jimmy, do you think you can predict the Super Bowl and can you do it using puppies?”

Puppies, of course, are the most scientific of animal prognosticators, as octopi are actual psychics, camels are dark wizards and otters are simply frauds. Adorable, yes. But otters are basically the Miss Cleo of the ocean. So who did these adorable little Golden Retriever pups pick? See for yourself after the jump.

As always, I offer my apologies to our foreign readers – especially our huge following in Finland – for Hulu’s discriminatory practices. So in case you couldn’t watch the video and you rely on puppies for all of your sports gambling purposes, three of the five puppies picked the Ravens (dog bowl). The other two never left the box they were delivered from heaven in.

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