Jimmy Johnson To Get It Up On Survivor

07.21.10 8 years ago 7 Comments

Our favorite Cowboys coach of all time boner pill spokesman, Jimmy Johnson, will take his talents to CBS for the newest season of Survivor. Despite being 67 and unable to get an erection, I still feel that he’s qualified. I’d rather be stranded on a deserted island than in the same room as Terry Bradshaw for hours on end.

Mark Francesutti and Barry Horn of the Dallas Morning News reported early Tuesday morning that Johnson joined the cast of Survivor, which started taping at the end of June. Taping only lasts 39 days, so Johnson will be back well before the FOX studio show starts.

The idea seems bizarre, but Johnson previously mentioned in an interview he almost joined the cast a few years back, but he failed a physical. (Maybe those pills he’s taking really do help!) –PFT

Is Jimmy Johnson going senile? Why would he do this? I can’t imagine he needs the money, he’s getting checks from Fox and Extenze. Maybe Fox isn’t paying him enough. He deserves a raise for humiliating himself every week. Made-up reports indicate that the Extenze marketing department is talking to Keith Olbermann, only to ensure that their advertising is fair and balanced. I’ll bet that the ladies on the The View have something to say about Jimmy’s decision making. Their take after the jump.

Barbara Walters talking about erections makes me never want to have sex again. I could really use some Alice Eve in my life right now.

Much better.

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