Jimmy Kimmel Sent Guillermo To The NBA Finals Media Day And It Was Hilarious

The Super Bowl’s media day/week/month festivities are about the most ridiculous of any sports, because just about anyone with a microphone and camera can get in, like an absurd attention leech who pretends that she’s a reporter so she can scream at Tom Brady. The NBA’s media day for the Finals, on the other hand, doesn’t seem to have the same kind of whimsical nature to it, or at least the San Antonio Spurs and Miami Heat players don’t find the typically funny and adorable antics of Jimmy Kimmel Live‘s parking lot security guard Guillermo to be all that entertaining when there’s serious business to focus on.

Not all of the players found Guillermo’s lint roller and pinwheel microphones to be annoying and possibly disturbing, though, as Shane Battier loved every second of Guillermo’s movie-related questions and Slim Jim. But then there was Kawhi Leonard. Hoo boy, he better thank the stars he’s good at basketball, because if the NBA judged success on personality, he’d be on the Milwaukee Bucks bench.