When I Say ‘I,’ You Say ‘Do’ — WWE’s Jimmy Uso And Naomi Tied The Knot In Hawaii For ‘Total Divas’

If you watch WWE, you’ll recognize the guy on the left as “one of the Usos,” and the girl on the right as “one of the Funkadactyls.” Jimmy Uso and Naomi if you’re a smark. If you’re one of the millions of people who watched E!’s breakout hit ‘Total Divas’ and followed Burnsy’s episode-by-episode recaps, you’ll recognize them as Jon and Trinity, a pair of crazy kids struggling to make it in the harsh realms of “working together” and “traveling the world as beautiful rich young people.”

If you watch Total Divas, chances are you are also EXTREMELY INTERESTED in celebrity marriages, so here’s some relevant news for you — Jon and Trinity oh so real fake arguing tore them apart to the point of marriage this week as they tied the knot in Hawaii. Yes, it was filmed for ‘Total Divas.’ Yes, it was probably because of ‘Total Divas.’ This will be the show’s second wedding. In season 1, Nattie (Natalya) married TJ (Tyson Kidd) even though she was The Great Khali’s girlfriend or Jaret the tanning guy’s girlfriend or whatever.

Here’s a shot of them in Hawaii, where people who can’t stop arguing go to pledge themselves to one another forever:

Leave the memories alone:

We wish the happy couple the best in their future life endeavors, and continue our slow, sustained laugh at Nikki Bella.