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UPDATE: WWTDD has the uncensored pics. Obviously NSFW, unless you work in a brothel. In which case, nice job.

You can name any preppy white boy from Duke, any thug from Bob Huggins’ Cincinnati teams, or anyone from those crooked CCNY teams from the 1950s, and you’d still be hard-pressed to find a more annoying college basketball player than Florida’s Joakim Noah. The guy was such a douchebag that on hot days in Gainesville he would sweat vinegar.

That said, Chicago’s Joakim Noah has been a refreshing departure from the typical NBA archetype; he hustles, he keeps his mouth shut, and oh yeah, he can play anywhere on the floor. And the ladies also seem to have taken notice. Thirty years ago, the only way a guy like that could have gotten any would have involved a rock band and a Saturday night road show. Now, all it takes is a few ounces of weed. If that isn’t progress, what is?

|TMZ, via Mouthpiece Sports|

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