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Yankees pitcher Joba Chamberlain got a DUI this off-season, but that really doesn’t seem like such a big deal, given that his estranged mother was just busted for dealing meth in Nebraska.  Allegedly, of course.  Because people get framed for selling meth to undercover cops all the time.

Jacqueline Standley was arrested at her apartment Saturday night, Lincoln Police Capt. David Beggs said Monday.

Beggs said she sold 1 gram of a substance believed to be meth to an officer for $110 on Feb. 11. The substance was confirmed as meth at the state laboratory. |Newsday|

Aww, look at her.  Such a sad face.  You can see where Joba inherited his jowls.  A jury would sooner convict a bloodhound.  Besides, in her defense, meth is pretty much the only thing to do in Nebraska.

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