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Cincinnati-based radio legend Bill Cunningham had himself a little moment yesterday while discussing the potential offspring of the University of Cincinnati men’s basketball team, although “discussing” might be too polite a term.

Cunningham: How many illegitimate children does the UC men’s basketball team have?

Producer Guy: Uhh, I don’t know. I just worry about whether they win or lose, or their record.

Cunningham: I heard it’s more than a half dozen. So there’s some hangin’ and bangin’ going on at the Shoemaker Center after the game. … [T]hey’re poppin’ those things out like cherry pits out of one’s mouth.

For the record, the personal bios on Cincinnati’s athletic website make no mention of the players’ children, suggesting that either (a) there are no illegitimate children of which to speak, or (b) they are, in fact, poppin’ ’em out like cherry pits. Mmm, cherries.

Listen to the clip after the jump.

[FanNation, via MediaMatters]

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