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Joe Buck Live, the new talk show that nobody was waiting for premiered on HBO last night. And since my Section 8 Tier cable package doesn’t get any movie channels, we’re relying on secondhand reports. Apparently, the show was long on name guests and short of any vitality that would have allowed a normal person to watch this for an entire hour. I counted seven in all, including three of the biggest attention whores in sports: Favre, Ochocinco, and Michael Irvin. Favre said nothing new, while Michael and Chad–interviewed together–jockeyed for camera time.

But the result was on par with the expectations of anyone not working at HBO: the guy that looks like Kent from Real Genius isn’t suited for the talk format. From Ramblings of the Unmotivated:

If you saw the interview with Brett Favre, you would think it was a Presidential impeachment hearing. Way too serious a tone for a washed up Hall of Fame quarterback deciding if he wants to play another year. At one point, Favre said that people either love him regardless, hate him regardless, or don’t give a sh_t. You’d think the crowd was bussed in from a 1989 episode of Arsenio Hall the way they broke into unnecessary applause upon hearing the word “sh_t”.

Video of the money segment with Artie Lange is in the video after the jump, and it appears obvious that Lange was the only semblance of entertainment during the hour:

“[Joe, your] favorite website is TMZ?! What’s your second [favorite website], Sucking C*ck dot com?

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