Joe Buck Found Out About A Petition To Ban Him From Royals Games And Had Plenty Of Fun With It

World Series - San Francisco Giants v Kansas City Royals - Game Six
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When I think Joe Buck, the last thing that comes to mind is “fun Internet troll.” He’s less weird Twitter and more “guy who likely enjoys vanilla ice cream.” That’s not a personal feeling, but just an assumption from his public persona on TV. A public persona that seems to rub people the wrong way, despite his very plain ice cream tastes.

That’s where Royals fan Adam Jones comes in, along with his petition to ban Joe Buck from announcing games at Kansas City’s Kauffman Stadium. As the Kansas City Star puts it, the petition aims to take Buck off of Fox broadcasts for baseball and featured some 4,000 signatures:

“Honestly, my friends (Pat and Chris) and I were just frustrated with that news this morning and wanted a way to vent,” Jones wrote in a Twitter message. “We put up the petition and sent out some tweets and it just kind of took off from there. So, yes, we were very surprised when it blew up like it did.”

One of those Tweets managed to get out to a very interested party, one who likely didn’t take too kindly to the word “hate” in this Tweet.

That’s right, Joe Buck himself got wind of the petition and decided to share it and then make fun of Jones for a bit while talking with a few other folks online:

According to Jones, he was a little stunned when Buck actually acknowledged him and sorta had fun with it all:

“When Joe Buck said my full name in response to the question of who he was broadcasting with, that was definitely a surprise,” Jones wrote.

“I did wish I hadn’t phrased that tweet that has all of the favorites and retweets as ‘hate’ as it was not the feeling I actually wanted to get across. Just don’t like Buck’s MLB stuff,” he added.

That doesn’t mean Jones is ready to trash the petition. He still has a problem with Buck’s MLB broadcasting and doesn’t want to hear him call the games, even if he is good natured and self-deprecating. Buck also continued to have fun with a lot of the other Kansas City fans, which were compiled by the Star. There’s a few damn good ones from ol’ Joe in there, so I gotta give him credit. I’ll try to remember this the next time I’m hate watching him condemning Randy Moss for a fake mooning.

(Via Kansas City Star)