Oh Snap, Old Man Fight!

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11.28.11 6 Comments

I feel like there are three ways to enjoy this video of two 73-year old former CFL players throwing hands at the Alumni Legends Luncheon in Vancouver on Friday.

1. From the Social Behavior perspective. Watching two guys who can’t let go of grudges get into a septuagenarian street fight is funny enough, but what’s better is the reaction of the crowd. When Angelo Mosca tells Joe Kapp to shove the olive branch up his ass, everyone’s like “hahaha oh you wacky elderly”, and that continues, punches and all, until Mosca tries to whip a mic stand into Kapp’s face. Then, gasps. Maybe you should’ve gasped when he told the guy to put the wood up his ass and not encouraged them to act out?

The second highlight from this perspective is when Kapp stands over Mosca yelling GET UP~ and then cries “sportsmanship” to the crowd. The crowd’s all “yehhh” because they’re supposed to be responding, and you can’t scream WHY ARE YOU FIGHTING YOU ARE 73 STOP BEING WEIRD AND STUPID in a good enough unison.

2. From the Pro Wrestling Jokes perspective, as shared by Tom Holzerman over at The Wrestling Blog. You see, in addition to being a CFL legend, Angelo Mosca was an announcer for the WWF (winning “Worst Wrestling Announcer” honors in the annual Observer Awards) and wrestled across the United States and Canada as “King Kong” Mosca. You can watch him deliver the most ‘Ren & Stimpy’ promo ever while being interviewed by what appears to be a 15-year old Tony Schiavone here. “I like you, AND HIM! He likes me … and I like HIM!”

Thank goodness he’s getting into fights with Joe Kapp and not Dusty Rhodes. If 73-year old Kapp could floor him with a punch, a Bionic Elbow from Dusty would’ve crushed his skull.

3. From the Old Man Fight perspective. It reminded me a lot of this:

Thankfully this one didn’t end with Mosca being thrown from a zeppelin.

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