The Man Who Shot Former NFL Player Joe McKnight Is Being Charged With Second Degree Murder

When former NFL player Joe McKnight was tragically gunned down in December in an apparent road rage incident, there seemed to be more questions than answers. Now, two months later, the man who admitted to shooting McKnight is facing a murder charge for pulling the trigger.

Ronald Gasser Jr., 54, was initially charged with manslaughter for shooting McKnight three times, but the charge is now second-degree murder after a grand jury indicted Gasser Thursday.

The shooting allegedly occurred after an incident on the Crescent City Connection bridge in New Orleans lead both men to pull over, and McKnight apparently exited his vehicle and approached Gasser’s. WWL-TV in New Orleans reports “statements from authorities said blood was found on the inside panel of the passenger-side door” indicating that McKnight may have tried to enter Gasser’s vehicle, and experts predict the infamous Stand Your Ground law will play into Gasser’s defense.

Initial reports that Gasser stood over McKnight and screamed at him after shooting him proved unfounded, and no video of the incident is known to exist. Gasser reportedly handed his gun over to police at the scene of the shooting and was initially released without being charged. If convicted, Gasser would face a sentence of life imprisonment.

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