This Minor League Manager’s Meltdown Led To An Impromptu Strip Tease

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Strip tease Joe Mikulik


Joe Mikulik of the Myrtle Beach Pelicans is known as quite the hot head. He’s had a few in-game meltdowns that you’ve probably seen, one in particular that featured him handing a base to a fan in the stands. But that’s nothing compared to what Mikulik did over the weekend against the Salem Red Sox. A brief argument at home plate quickly devolved into Mikulik losing his mind and wildly tossing his clothes.

A strip tease from a mustachioed man is exactly what you wanted to see Monday morning, right?

As UPROXX’s stripper expert, a few words for Joe Mikulik.

1) You need to go a little slower

2) The music wasn’t right (might I suggest “Pour Some Sugar On Me”)

3) More skin

4) Lose the pants next time

5) Two words—banana hammock

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