Joe Namath On Tim Tebow Trade: 'It Was Just Vapor Lock'

Former New York Jets quarterback Joe Namath believes that there’s only one thing you need to know to be a great quarterback, and he’d rather jog back to his car than fill in new Jet Tim Tebow.

When word spread that the Jets had traded for Tim Tebow, it was only a matter of time before the franchise’s most famous quarterback chimed in with his take.

“I’m just sorry that I can’t agree with this situation,” Namath told ESPN Radio New York on Wednesday. “I think it’s just a publicity stunt. I can’t go with it. I think it’s wrong. I don’t think they know what they’re doing over there.” (via

I know that Tim Tebow is a fundamentally terrible pro quarterback and that a lot of the successes his fans attributed to faith or whatever last season had more to do with the rest of the Denver Broncos busting their asses, but I’m starting to feel really badly for the guy.

I have one of the least important jobs in the world, and if someone leaves a dismissive comment about how I suck, I don’t lose my mind over it, but it does make me feel bad. Imagine if every day of your life was full of sports, TV and media analysis making raspberries when they hear your name, running you down for being worthless and suggesting that anyone who DOES want or support you is just doing it for lulz? It’s not exactly putting your name on a tombstone on the front page of the newspaper, but it’s gotta be rough.

Surely Tebow will soldier through this and use the doubters to fuel his future successes, thanks in part to his faith in God, as well as his beautiful mistress, millions of dollars, solid gold house and rocket car.