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Everyone’s favorite flirty NFL quarterback-turned-trainwreck-turned-recovering-alcoholic has found himself in some deep doo-doo due to how his doggies have developed a taste for human flesh.

David Gunter, a former UPS driver, is now suing the NFL Hall of Famer for injuries he alleges were sustained when he was attacked by Namath’s three dogs – a German shepherd, Weimaraner and a Labrador retriever.

In the lawsuit, where Gunter is seeking $15,000 in damages, it is alleged that the attack has left him with “vicious and serious personal injuries” after one of the mongrels bit him on his calf. Gunter testified in Court before a special magistrate last month and claimed he “was basically in fear for his life.”

Namath, at the same court appearance, pleaded with the magistrate and argued that his dogs are of no threat to anyone. In fact, he has photos of the dogs with children! Sure, the kids look absolutely mortified, but in none of the photos are the dogs chomping down on one of the kids’ throats. That’s good enough for me.

Unfortunately for Broadway Joe, it was not compelling enough evidence for the magistrate. Although Stella the Weimaraner was acquitted of all charges and not deemed dangerous, Leo the Lab was not so fortunate. Leo cannot leave Namath’s residence without being muzzled and leashed and must be caged when people visit Namath’s home, not to mention the fact that Leo may cost Namath 15,000 smackeroos. In the end, this is just another example of the Man trying to keep the Black Lab down. via.

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