Joe Rogan Explains His ‘F*ck Up’ Interviewing Daniel Cormier After UFC 214

While some have made Daniel Cormier’s crying face a meme for all the wrong reasons, Joe Rogan is still raking himself over the coals for going against his own policy and interviewing a fighter that was just knocked out. On his podcast with Eddie Bravo, Rogan immediately admitted his “f*ck up” and explained that he was in shock and never should’ve stuck the microphone in Cormier’s face.

“It was my idea to stop doing this and the UFC agreed, I violated my own idea. I was in shock. He was confused why the fight stopped… Then he realized he was head kicked and he was really upset. I didn’t even realize what I was doing.”

After the fight, Cormier made an Instagram post telling the ref Big John that he was thankful for the extra time to recover, but ultimately, we know he just ended up taking more damage. Following the match, Cormier could barely stand, and shouldn’t have to recall what just happened to millions of people after being concussed and hit multiple times in the head by the world’s baddest man, Jon Jones.

It’s admirable that Rogan is willing to admit his mistake, and it’s heart-wrenching seeing Cormier in tears, with a mouth full of blood, talking about what went wrong. But then again, the UFC is hosting their somewhat-viral moment on their official YouTube. If they really cared, would it still be up?