Joe Rogan Is Worried Ronda Rousey Has ‘One Foot Out The Door’

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11.07.16 2 Comments

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During her rise to super stardom, Joe Rogan was one of Ronda Rousey’s biggest fans. He invited her on his podcast twice, and no one had more positive things to say about her skills than him. But after her loss, he had to adjust his opinion of her fighting skills, and now he shares a lot of the same concerns the rest of the world does about her seemingly reluctant comeback.

“It’s exciting to see her to come back if she wants to come back,” Rogan told TMZ. “But whenever someone starts saying ‘A couple more fights and then I’ll go into movies’ I go man, I don’t like hearing that. Because when you have one foot out the door, you should probably put both feet out the door.”

“But she might not really have one foot out the door! You don’t know. I haven’t talked to her in a long time. I know she’s a fierce contender. I wanna see her do whatever she wants. If she wants to retire right now, I’m happy with that. If she wants to fight 100 times, I’m happy with that too.”

There’s evidence that Ronda’s plans were set in stone long ago. She said she was gonna ‘disappear for a while’ leading up to the Holm fight, and she went through with that despite all the pressure for her to return for UFC 200 and then UFC 205. And she’s talked several times about her plan to be done fighting by her 30s. Maybe she doesn’t ‘have one foot out the door’ so much as she’s sticking to her original plan, peanut gallery be damned.

But those plans aren’t all bad. One of them involves fighting Cris Cyborg as her final opponent. You can include Joe Rogan in the long list of people who are intrigued by that match up.

“Cyborg scares the f**k out of me!” he said. “She does. She so big, she’s so ferocious. And she’s very talented, she’s very good. She’s very tough. I just don’t think she’s in the same weight class. With that said, if it happens, I’m gonna watch!”

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