Joe Torre's Daughter Caught A Baby That Fell From A Window

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06.20.13 3 Comments
Award-winning artist's rendering of Joe Torre's daughter.

Award-winning artist’s rendering of Joe Torre’s daughter.

I don’t know how many times this has happened to me – I’m walking down the street in New York City, minding my own beeswax, when all of a sudden a baby drops into my arms. I mean, that pretty much sums up at least three days out of every week for me, but that’s just because I’m practically a super hero as it is. Cristina Torre, daughter of former New York Yankees manager and current Executive Vice President for Baseball Operations for Major League Baseball Joe Torre, probably isn’t as used to catching falling babies, though, but she did a hell of a job when it happened to her yesterday.

According to NBC 4 in New York, Cristina was on her own casual stroll through Brooklyn when she looked up and made one hell of a Top Plays grab.

Cristina Torre caught the 1-year-old baby after he fell from the awning on 3rd Avenue and 91st Street in Bay Ridge. The baby was unharmed, sources said.

The parents of the child were taken into custody and will be charged with neglect and endangering the welfare of the child, sources said. It was not clear where the parents were or what they were doing when the baby got onto the awning. The couple will be arraigned in Brooklyn on Thursday.

According to my inside sources at the place where law stuff happens in New York, their punishment will be to play for the Mets. Hit me one time, rimshot monkey!

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