04.01.09 9 years ago 10 Comments

I might be one of the 15 people on earth that doesn’t want Joe Paterno to retire. And I don’t mean after next year or a couple seasons down the line. I don’t want Joe to quit. Ever. As long as that man breathes, I want him at Penn State, running the football team and dropping gems like this while the basketball squad plays in the NIT.

“Everyone says it’s a black man’s game, when I played it was a Jewish man’s game.” Actually he said it was “a Jewish game”… then he got the bum’s rush, a friendly bum’s rush, but a bum’s rush nonetheless. –KSK’s flubby, via email

I don’t get it. You’re gonna ask a 164-year-old man a question on live TV and not expect him to say anything racist? In fact, I would argue that was nowhere near Racist! at all. Black people play basketball? Really? What a Racist! observation. Hey look at this photo of my med school class. Where are all the black kids? Racist! I think I’ve made my point. And I think I owe Al Sharpton 40 cents.

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