Joey Bosa’s Mom Wishes Her Son Would Have ‘Pulled An Eli Manning’ And Shafted The Chargers

08.08.16 3 years ago
joey bosa

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Joey Bosa was the highest non-quarterback picked in the 2016 NFL Draft, and depending on who you talk to, he was the most talented player to come out this year. He’s also the last draft pick to remain unsigned as training camps are underway, which is not the right way to start off the season for the player who was supposed to revitalize the Chargers’ pass rush. With neither Bosa nor San Diego reportedly willing to budge on their contract stances, Bosa’s mom has some regrets.

In a Facebook comment authenticated by the San Diego Union-Tribune, Cheryl Bosa responded to a friend, “Wish we pulled an Eli Manning on draft day.” Eli, of course, refused to suit up for the Chargers when they picked him first overall, forcing a trade to the Giants in exchange for the fourth overall pick, Philip Rivers.

Bosa has held out longer than any draft pick since the rookie scale was initiated by the new CBA, and it’s reportedly over offset language in the last year of his deal, which the Chargers want in the contract so that if they release Bosa before his fourth season, they wouldn’t still have to pay him. It’s understandable that Bosa is fighting for full payment, but it’s also the sad truth that he’s drawing the ire of team-first fans who just want to see him on the field. His mother’s comments will do nothing to endear him, that’s for sure.

(Via Union-Tribune)

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