LA Chargers Star Joey Bosa Is Trying To Avoid Burnout, Just Like The Rest Of Us

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ATLANTA – Joey Bosa just landed, and he’s already a few days behind some of his peers on media appearances. It’s Friday before the Super Bowl, and he hasn’t done one radio row interview or been in one attempted viral video or held up any products. He’s not been asked “Andre 3000 or Big Boi?” He hasn’t even had time to consider changing into anything with an appropriate logo, opting instead for a gray long-sleeved shirt that is as safe as it gets in the game of Minesweeper that is this week.

He’s ready to catch up as quickly as he can, and for anyone who’s seen Bosa coming off the edge, it won’t take him long. Bosa was in a bit of football purgatory for much of this season, as a foot injury kept him out for preseason and later (after re-injuring it) forced him to miss the team’s first nine games. He returned in November, and managed 5.5 sacks as the Chargers made their run to the Divisional Round. It was quite a turnaround for a team that’s seen a lot of change since Bosa’s holdout after being selected No. 3 in the 2016 NFL Draft.

The Chargers upped their win total from 5-11 in Bosa’s first season to 9-7 in 2017, storming to a 12-4 record in Los Angeles despite a number of injuries threatening their start heading into the year. The future is bright with the Chargers, even if they’re still not in a permanent home following their move from San Diego. For many of the Chargers players, including Bosa, the transition hasn’t always been easy, but as with most things it takes time to get comfortable and find a routine.

For Joey, that means learning how often to train, making a new live in Tustin (after starting out in Irvine), and continuing to find time for himself. The possibility for generational burnout is real, even among NFL players, and the sooner guys can identify that, the better.

Uproxx was able to speak to Bosa from the VIP suite across from the BAPE x adidas pop-up shop about what he learned from a taxing season, how he feels heading into Year 4 of his NFL career, and his relationship to brother Nick – who should be a top pick in this year’s draft.

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