John Daly Is Getting A ’30 For 30′ Documentary And It Should Be Awesome

Bill Simmons may be leaving ESPN soon, but the 30 for 30 documentary series he co-created will live on, and one of the subjects of its upcoming third season has revealed himself: John Daly. ESPN confirmed this with an announcement at their Upfront presentation, and the golfer, two-time major winner and American hero, broke the news in a tweet:

Daly hasn’t won a PGA tournament since 2004, but he remains one of the most well-known golfers in the world, thanks to his uniquely garish personal style and his former hard-partying ways (he claims to be sober since 2008). He’s a folk hero to many because of his singular (in golf) combination of immense natural ability and casual attitude. He’s a champion everyman, a winner of the British Open and still willing to hit golf balls out of people’s mouths.

Daly’s unlikely 1991 PGA Championship win is ripe for a deeper look; he was a tour rookie and the ninth alternate for the tournament, and it took another pro’s wife going into labor and eight alternates’ failures to make it to the tourney for him to even be in the field, and he won the whole damn thing. His personal life — failed marriages, custody battles and problems with alcohol — will presumably be under the microscope, as well.

It will be the first time in 30 for 30‘s run that golf will be the primary focus, and it’s hard to argue with their choice. I know that I’ll be watching, and I’ll be drinking a John Daly when I do.

(Via Twitter)