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Sweet Jesus, there's a lot going on in this story.  Let's get rid of some background info: John Daly has won two majors in his career that probably don't quite balance out his wild gambling losses and palimony to three ex-wives; the two trips to alcohol rehab probably don't help, either.  His fourth wife, Sherrie Daly, whom he married seven weeks after meeting her, served five months in prison for her connection to a drug ring and illegal gambling operation.  Good times.

Anyway, last Friday Daly accused Sherrie of attacking him with a steak knife, and now Sherrie claims that his claims are a cover-up for sexually assaulting her.  She also says that scratches on his face are self-inflicted, an attempt to make her look guilty.  And now they've filed for protective orders against each other and all the standard legal ugliness about custody of their 3-year-old son.

In times like this, I like to ask myself, WWJJD?  That is, what would Judge Judy do?  That old battle axe knows how to regulate.  I'm thinking she'd seal them both in an old Subaru hatchback and push them off a bridge into the East River.  And their child should get sent to an African refugee camp, which would give him a better chance of surviving until his tenth birthday.

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