John Daly On A Hunt For John Dalys

09.24.10 7 years ago 4 Comments

If there is one thing recreational golfers can associate with, it’s drinking. No matter the game friends go out and play, a few beers on the course is usually mandatory. That’s one of the reasons that golfers have always loved John Daly. Like most that chase the little white ball around, Daly is a little nuts, or a lot nuts, depending on which ex-wife you’re talking to.

Also, Daly never seemed to be able to totally pry his hands off the bottle. That’s why the John Daly, an alcoholic drink that takes the mixture of an Arnold Palmer and combines it with the sting of a vodka, was such a slam dunk. No matter what bar you swing by, if you scream at the waitress to pour you a John Daly, they’re going to know what you’re talking about.

But Daly didn’t. Up until Monday, Daly said he’d never heard of the drink, and is now taking to Twitter to rid the world of this drink being associated with his name.

I guess you can’t blame the guy for trying to get his name off something that nobody is paying him for, but if we don’t have the John Daly anymore to gulp down after our sixth straight round of 96, what do we have?

Mr. Daly, you will one day pass, but this drink will live forever. Think about it.

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