John Daly Sues Non-Profit Children’s Hospital & Others for 100 Million Dollars

06.10.10 8 years ago 9 Comments

"Yes, yes. Shower me with curing cancer money!"

I’m a big fan of John Daly. His big swinging, beer swilling ways and exceptionally erratic behavior are always good for a few laughs and his jolly demeanor in the face of a pretty hard life involving four divorces, weight issues and a crippling alcohol problem is admirable. But this time our old friend may have gone a bit too far.

Strap on some funky pants and dance with me, Palm Beach Post:

[John Daly]’s banking on a lawsuit he filed in a Palm Beach County court against several defendants, including a children’s charity.

Daly, 44, wants $100 million because, he says, an injury he suffered at the 2007 Honda Classic in Palm Beach Gardens has damaged his game.

Daly filed two years ago after a woman taking pictures jumped in front of him in mid-swing. Daly claimed in the paperwork he aborted the movement because he feared killing the woman but felt his rib cage pop out. The paperwork reads that Daly and other players unsuccessfully tried three times before the incident to have security kick the unidentified woman off the course.

Daly blamed the injury’s recurrence for his withdrawal from several tournaments this year. He even twittered about retirement.

A man must be in some pretty dire circumstances if he has to resort to suing a non-profit children’s hospital (run by Jack Nicklaus’ wife and son to boot), and I hope Daly can claw his way out of this unfortunate situation without having to take money from a freaking CHILDREN’S HOSPITAL. Plus, Daly’s suing over an incident where he had to stop mid-swing over a lady who obviously wanted to get hit in the face with a golf ball. Isn’t this an action major league baseball hitters do every day? I don’t see Hunter Pence suing everybody in sight after pulling a muscle while check-swinging at an Ubaldo Jimenez fastball. If John Daly’s going to sue somebody over this incident it should be his strength and conditioning coach.

Though this most certainly isn’t the lowest point in John Daly’s storied life, it sure is pretty sleazy. Somebody needs to take him on a field trip to visit some sick kids so he can learn the art of compassion. Then we can turn this story into a straight to DVD hollywood tear jerker starring Jeff Garlin that nobody will watch.

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