John Fox Wants Reporters To Stay In The ‘Hot Dog-Laden Press Box’ And Not Question His Team

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Not much has gone right for the Chicago Bears this year. The team fell to 1-4 on Sunday as it blew a fourth-quarter lead in its 29-23 loss to the Indianapolis Colts. No one really expected Chicago to win the Super Bowl or anything in 2016, but this slow start to the year is still unfortunate if you’re a Bears fan.

The final offensive play of the game for the Bears came when Brian Hoyer threw an incomplete pass to second-year receiver Cameron Meredith. As is the case whenever someone throws an incomplete pass to someone who isn’t one of the team’s stars, some people in the media questioned whether Hoyer should have looked towards Alshon Jeffrey on the final play.

This did not sit well with Bears coach John Fox, who wants said media members to sit in their press box and let the people who play/coach football do their thing. Also: Fox is under the impression that press boxes are lined with hot dogs.

In fairness to Fox and Hoyer, Meredith had a career day on Sunday, catching nine balls for 130 yards and a touchdown. So going to him over Jeffrey (who only caught five passes for 77 yards) wasn’t an egregious decision by any stretch of the imagination.

But while we’re on the subject of stretching the imagination, why does Fox think that all members of the media are obsessed with hot dogs? Don’t get me wrong, hot dogs rule, but no press box I’ve ever been in has been laden with them. No one in a press box will eat anything that late in the game, anyway, because right when it ends they’ll have to run down to the various press conferences and player availabilities that occur after a game.

We’ll give Fox a pass on this one. Maybe he was just hungry and he wanted a hot dog.