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Warning: The video after the jump is rather graphic.

Canadian Baby, you may not want to see this…

John Gettle is a disciple of the famed Frank Mir, so his victory over the unknown William Kowalski at a Las Vegas MMA event last weekend wasn’t a big surprise. What was surprising (and a bit disturbing) was watching Gettle doing so by almost ripping Kowalski’s forearm off.

“I heard the clapper, (the noise that signifies the last 10 seconds of a round) and as soon as I heard it, I thought his arm has to come home with me,” Gettle said. “I have to rip it off or I’m going to fight in the third round. I really don’t like fighting out of the first round, so this third round was just out of the question.” –Las Vegas Sun.

Video’s after the jump. You may want to turn the sound down…

vid via Cage Potato.

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