Maryland Fans Weren’t Happy Because John Harbaugh Was Hanging Out On The Michigan Sidelines

It’s been a big week for Jack Harbaugh’s boys. John and the Baltimore Ravens picked up their first win of the season against the Steelers on Thursday Night Football, while Jim and Michigan were ranked in the AP Poll for the first time in nearly two years.

Since there’s no threat of them facing off in another Super Bowl, the “Harbros” are once again able to show some brotherly love as John joined Jim on the Wolverines sideline before their game against Maryland on Saturday to bring some extra #intensity to Byrd Stadium.

Just imagine the conversations they were having. Jim was probably going on and on about his weird dreams about being Derek Jeter  while John was lecturing his brother about how Donald Trump will Make America Great Again.

Despite the fact that John Harbaugh was out supporting his brother, the fact that he’s decked out in Michigan gear while they’re facing the college team that most Ravens fan support is drawing the ire of some particularly sensitive fans on Twitter.

Ravens fans will just have to forgive Benedict Harbaugh, somehow.

Still, John Harbaugh wouldn’t get the full B1G experience unless he was able to field an errant punt that went into the sidelines.

There it is.

(Via Twitter)