The NFL Combine Has A New Record For The 40-Yard Dash (UPDATED)

The NFL Combine’s gold standard in the 40-yard dash for the last decade has been 4.24 seconds. Chris Johnson set this record back in 2008, and every year, there is speculation about whether the record will make it another year.

Finally, we may have a new record thanks to former Washington receiver John Ross. Widely believed to be a first-round pick in the 2017 Draft, Ross ran an unofficial 4.22-second 40-yard dash.

If you notice the very end, you can see why this is so crazy. Ross got nicked up at the end of his run and was down on the ground massaging his leg due to a cramp. In fact, Ross told Michael Irvin that he was feeling the effects of the cramp before he started running, so he ran what could end up being the fastest 40-yard dash ever while not being 100 percent.

There are two pieces of bad news for Ross, though. First up is that his run doesn’t look like it was faster than Johnson’s record solely based on a yellow line that replicated the Cardinals’ running back’s attempt. Again, Ross’ time is unofficial, so this isn’t exactly a great sign.

Far more importantly, Ross did this while wearing Nike cleats. This isn’t to say that Nike is bad or anything, just that he is not eligible to win the island that adidas said they’d give away if someone beat Johnson’s time. Oh well. At least Johnson seems like he’s cool with his record possibly being broken.

Ross’ injury will keep him from running again, which sucks, but this was still as exhilarating as a 40-yard dash will ever be.

UPDATE: It’s official: Ross is the fastest man in Combine history. Rich Eisen of the NFL Network announced that he did indeed run a 4.22-second 40-yard dash.

Look out, NFL secondaries. John Ross is coming to run by everyone.