John Scott Gives The Ultimate F-You To The NHL By Scoring And Fighting In The All-Star Game

01.31.16 2 years ago

John Scott had a long and weird road to the NHL All-Star Game but, despite the NHL’s best efforts, he suited up for the game on Sunday in Nashville. Not only that, he was one of the clear fan-favorites over the weekend and he soaked up every moment.

The 33-year-old enforcer was voted into the game by fans despite only having one point on the season (and just 11 in 285 career games) but he took advantage of his opportunity on the big stage by scoring a goal in his team’s 3-on-3 matchup against the Central Division’s squad.

If Scott’s goal wasn’t a big enough F-you to the NHL, his celebration certainly was. You’ve gotta wonder how long he’d been waiting to bust that bad boy out.



Just look at the joy on that man’s face right there. What a moment.

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