Johnny Damon Spurns Sox To Stay With City That Most Resembles Current State of His Career

08.25.10 8 years ago 9 Comments


It’s been a confusing few days for the organizations who inexplicably want the services of outfielder/DH Johnny Damon, the 36-year-old former Red Sox star who has slowly morphed from a player who based his career on his ability to run into a player who’s basing his career on the fact that he used to be able to run. He’s always had maybe the weakest throwing arm in all of major league baseball, and now that his speed has diminished so badly that he barely ever plays the field, spending only 37 of the 113 games he’s played so far with a glove in his hand. The only redeeming quality he has left besides his ‘leadership’ is his ability to hit baseballs, and he’s been doing that at a pretty subpar clip thus far.

Yet for reasons that have to do with nostalgia and the close to complete destruction of their starting roster due to injuries, the Red Sox decided that Damon would the perfect remedy for a flailing team and claimed him off of waivers from the Detroit Tigers. And for reasons that may be even more idiotic, Damon decided to decline the offer to return to a city full of friends where he won a World Series championship, became a folk hero and had one of the best heads of hair in recent memory by stating that he, “Loves Detroit” which is ridiculous because people who live in Detroit can’t even jade themselves into thinking they love Detroit. Maybe he was frightened that the receding hairline he’s sporting now will tarnish the memory of the flowing Jesus locks he had while playing for Boston in 2004.

Johnny Damon is staying with the Tigers after all, saying “I love Detroit.” The Tigers outfielder said before Tuesday night’s game against Kansas City that he decided to pass up a chance to return to the Boston Red Sox, with whom he became a cult hero in helping lead the team to a World Series title in 2004, its first since 1918. The Red Sox claimed Damon on waivers this week, but he had the right to veto a move to Boston because of a no-trade clause in his contract.

“It’s good for us. He stays here and we can play more together and see what happens. We can do a lot of things,” Cabrera said. “We can win more games, we can get more support in the lineup. If he stays here for some reason, it’s because he likes it here, he believes in us. That’s good.”

“These guys really like me here,” Damon said Tuesday, adding that he spoke to each of his teammates individually to be sure he was wanted in the Tigers’ clubhouse. -ESPN

Awwww, he’s staying because of friendship! The disparaging comments he made in the past about how the Yankees organization treated players better than the Red Sox did probably helped too. Other rumors say the Red Sox had an ulterior motive for making a claim on Damon as they were attempting to block him from joining the Tampa Rays, who were also interested in his services. This just seems so backwards to me. Do people still think this guy’s a serviceable baseball player!?!

Through this big mess one question still lingers: If the Red Sox really wanted another outfielder, why not go the smart route and pick up Elijah Dukes or Wily Mo Pena? You dumb, dawg!

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