Johnny Football Is Not Exactly Johnny Baseball

Pro Wrestling Editor
04.08.13 3 Comments

Behold, the glorious first pitch of Heisman Trophy winner Johnny Manziel.

“Every person kept saying, ‘Don’t bounce it, don’t bounce it,'” Manziel said, according to USA Today. “I was wild, a little nervous.”

Maybe he could look into being Johnny Basketball? I just want the guy to have another sports last name. I want to call him Johnny Two-Sports. And then I want to get Dick Tracy to arrest him.

The USA Today article goes on to helpfully explain how Johnny actually played a little high school baseball, and wore Derek Jeter’s number 2 because of course he did.

He grew up wearing No. 2 in honor of idol Derek Jeter of the New York Yankees, but was elated meeting Rangers Hall of Famer Nolan Ryan and former catching great Pudge Rodriguez. He also had his picture taken earlier in the day with Los Angeles Angels rookie of the year Mike Trout.

Manziel, who had an NCAA compliance officer with him to make sure that he did not accept any free items, wore a Rangers cap during the interview.

“I miss baseball,” Manziel said. “If I didn’t play football, I’d play baseball.”

Gotta love that “HE DIDN’T GET FREE THINGS HE BOUGHT THAT CLAW ANTLER SHIRT WE SWEAR” line. Thanks, USA Today, I was gonna start digging.

Am I the only person who wants Manziel to stay exactly like this and in college forever?

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