Johnny Football Loves The Texas Longhorns, Hates Everybody On Twitter

If you missed this yesterday, it’s a photo of Texas A&M quarterback and Heisman Trophy winner Johnny “Football” Manziel sporting a suspicious-looking Texas Longhorns tattoo on his ribcage. Your first thought is, “this can’t be, Johnny Football would never get the Longhorns logo tattooed on his body!” Your second thought should probably be, “well, I don’t know, it IS Johnny Football, and it’s not like the rest of his tattoos are high art.” If you told me “Johnny Manziel has a butterfly with a tiger’s face in the wings tattooed on the back of his neck” I’d probably believe you.

Anyway, Johnny wrote an impassioned explanation of the situation in the editorial section of yesterday’s New Yorker, professing his love for the Aggies and promising his fans that he’ll never … wait, sorry, I got my notes mixed up. He did this:

Of course, Twitter has two ends (the asshole and the other asshole), so the conversation didn’t end there. Some fans (“fans”) started being Twitter People to Johnny about the photo, and because John Football is the type to register for online classes to avoid going to college with other college students, he handled it delicately.

Here are a few of his interactions with the world of Trollgaze:

Good ol’ Johnny Football, calling the black guy “homie.” Hop off!

I’d like to once again say how happy I am to be an adult in the 2010s, and that I didn’t have to grow up liking sports in the social media age. I want to cheer for Dan Marino, you know? I don’t want to read Dan Marino telling people to go f**k themselves because they’re homoz or whatever on Twitter.

I’d also like to share with you this great picture of Johnny Football with a tattoo of the Baylor Bear on his ass.

[h/t Yahoo Sports]