A Sad Reminder Of Just How Bad Things Are Going For Johnny Manziel

Johnny Manziel
Getty Image

The last thing you probably need is a reminder that things aren’t going great for Johnny Manziel right now, but on Friday one was provided.

Dangerously close to free, indeed. You can now own a Manziel jersey for about as much money as it costs to buy a soda.

That’s mainly a product of the once-promising quarterback’s ongoing struggle with his lifestyle off the field. Since entering the league, the former Browns first round draft pick’s personal demons have been heavily publicized, including his reported battle with alcohol and drug addiction. He was also indicted on domestic violence charges.

Those issues are what prompted the Browns to cut the 23-year-old after last season, and a big reason why he hasn’t gotten a job in football since. It’s also the reason that Manziel will have to serve a four-game suspension if he ever returns to football. Things have gotten so bad that even Johnny’s dad thinks his son should be in jail.

But, through it all, Manziel remains confident in his ability to bounce back and get his life back on track. In fact, Manziel shared the photo of his wildly cheap jersey prices on his Instagram, complete with a fancy black and white filter. And if you buy into his caption, he’s not even mad…he thinks it’s funny.

Maybe he’s laughing because he knows something we all don’t. Or, more likely, he thinks it’s funny because he still maintains a shocking inability to take anything seriously.