Johnny Manziel Is Taking Online Classes At Texas A&M Because He Can’t Get A Job In The NFL

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By now we all know that Johnny Manziel is probably not playing in the NFL anytime soon. Between his laundry list of on and off the field issues and the fact that he didn’t exactly light the world on fire during his time in the league, Manziel’s future as a football player is seriously in doubt.

So Manziel is reportedly doing what a lot of people who struggle to find a job do — he’s going back to college to get his degree. According to The Dallas Morning News, Manziel decided to re-enroll at Texas A&M with the hopes of completing his degree in recreation, parks and tourism sciences. Because he left TAMU after his academic junior year to enter the 2014 NFL Draft, Manziel is currently a senior.

If you remember Manziel’s college career, you may recall that he struggled to go to class because of all the attention he received. It led to the quarterback taking online courses so he wouldn’t get mobbed by people on his way to the classroom. Apparently, this is still a concern for Manziel, so he’s taking online courses and living in Los Angeles. Well, either that or he’s having someone take online classes for him while he does Johnny Manziel stuff.

In all seriousness, people rag on Manziel a ton, and it’s usually for good reason. But the fact that he has decided to spend his year in football exile getting his degree is admirable. Good for you, Johnny Football…or, rather, Johnny Academics (I am sorry I am aware that this joke is bad).

(Via The Dallas Morning News)