Video Of Johnny Manziel’s Interaction With Police Has Been Released

10.19.15 3 years ago 6 Comments

The only element of intrigue from the roadside argument between Johnny Manziel and his girlfriend, Colleen Crowley, was if the official version of events may have been watered down somewhat. Because, let’s be honest, the official story — that the couple got in a heated, but nonviolent argument in a car and went on their way after talking to police — is quite boring.

Well, now Fox 8 and NewsNet 5 in Cleveland have obtained and released dash cam footage of Manziel and Crowley’s interaction with police, and it’s just as routine as you’d imagine. In the video (above), Manziel is heard explaining to police how their car wound up stopping (Crowley reportedly threw his wallet out the window), and below is Crowley asking the police to make Browns defensive end Paul Kruger, who was apparently passing by, leave the area. She can also be heard telling the police she wasn’t physically injured.

Also obtained by NewsNet was the 911 call from a concerned bystander, who reported that the couple were arguing and that it wasn’t physical, but that Crowley appeared to be intoxicated. At about the 1:15 mark in the audio, you can hear Manziel pleading with Crowley to calm down and allow him to drive her home.

It’s an embarrassing incident for Manziel only in that no one wants their relationship fights to become national news (especially with the recent personal, yet very public issues the quarterback has gone through), but really does not qualify as an indictment of his character. But for a sense of how Cleveland media likes to treat Manziel, at the bottom of Fox 8’s article about the video was an embedded poll asking readers if the Browns should cut Manziel. Come on, Fox.

(Via Fox 8 and NewsNet 5)

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