Johnny Manziel Reportedly Introduces A Heckler To A Flying Water Bottle

And now we know what Colin Cowherd was talking about.

Cleveland Browns quarterback Johnny Manziel attended the PGA Tour’s Byron Nelson Classic over the weekend, but he couldn’t get away from hecklers. According to Mary Kay Cabot of, an 18-year-old male was giving Manziel the business at the pool of Irving’s Four Seasons Hotel. In response, Manziel threw a water bottle at the man. However, Manziel then spoke to security officials at the PGA tournament, per his agent, Erik Burkhardt.

Cabot has the details::

Irving police spokesman James McLellan told NEOMG that an 18-year-old male fan began harassing the Browns quarterback near the Four Seasons’ pool. Manziel eventually threw a water bottle at the kid, escalating the confrontation. One of Manziel’s friends stepped in to intervene on his behalf and hotel security also got involved, McLellan said.

Police were called and officers spoke to both parties. Neither decided to press charges. Police did not detect any sign of intoxication with Manziel, McLellan said.

McLellan provided additional details (via the Beacon-Journal) that note the male was looking for an autograph from Manziel:

“At the point that the kid realized he wasn’t going to get an autograph, I don’t know exactly what he said, but apparently it must have been some type of trash talking,” McLellan said. “At that point, Johnny threw a water bottle at him. … Then some confrontation began to occur where one of Johnny’s friends stepped in and pushed the kid.

“At about that time is when hotel security who was there, and also some of our officers who were there as well at the pool area saw this occurring and stepped in and broke it up, separated the two groups.”

Manziel was photographed speaking to police outside the hotel, but the situation didn’t appear to be heated. Manziel, who was discharged from rehab in April, was not reportedly under the influence of alcohol.