Johnny Manziel Signed Some Cash For A Fan

He hasn’t even started at quarterback again yet and already Johnny Manziel seems to be in a race to see how quickly he can get benched. (Considering he plays for the Browns, I can’t argue with him.)

Manziel took the field to warm up and before he started Sunday’s game against the 49ers and went down the wall to sign some items from fans. What a guy! But then one gentleman handed him a $100 bill to sign, and Manziel didn’t bat an eye.

To be fair to the young QB, he didn’t seem to think anything of it. Headphones in, sharpie out, sign sign sign. But that’s what everyone’s been trying to tell him: you’ve got to think about these things! Of course this is just one guy’s attempt at a bad joke, getting “Money Manziel” to sign his bill. But Johnny’s got to keep an eye out and just ignore that. Sign the T-shirts, the hats, the footballs — don’t sign the cash, Johnny!

The bigger question is how much is this autograph really worth? Does it still retain the value of at least $100, or no, since the currency is now unusable? Is it really unusable? Could you use it at a vending machine that won’t notice it’s been defaced? You could buy a TON of candy and chips with $100. Is it basically worthless as long as he plays for the Browns?

We have no idea about the market value of U.S. currency beyond its, you know, actual currency value, but here’s hoping Manziel understands what little things like this will cost him in the eyes of the media and his coaches.

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