Here’s Why Johnny Manziel Got Thrown Out Of A Las Vegas Nightclub

It’s been a few weeks since we’ve heard from Johnny Manziel, the former Cleveland Browns quarterback who is now a free agent. The last big pieces of news were that Jake “The Snake” Roberts wanted to help Manziel turn his life around and that his agent, Drew Rosenhaus, was going to drop Manziel if he didn’t get treatment, which ended up happening.

Now, TMZ has the latest piece of Johnny News™, and it’s not good for Manziel at all. Manziel reportedly got into a scuffle at a Las Vegas nightclub, which led to him getting kicked out.

Johnny Manziel was removed from a Vegas club after the former NFL QB allegedly hauled off and punched a guy.
Witnesses inside Jewel Nightclub at the Aria tell TMZ Johnny was in a VIP booth near the stage Friday night. Drake showed up for a surprise performance and club goers started to push and shove to get up front. Our sources say Johnny got pushed and turned and slugged the club goer.

That’s not the only piece of news about Manziel’s latest weekend in Vegas, as someone took a picture of the former Heisman Trophy winner by a pool. While it’s impossible to know how much he weighs, he did look really emaciated.

Between his latest issue at a club and the fact that he looks like he’s lost a ton of weight, it’s hard to imagine that Manziel will be back in the NFL anytime soon. Sure, he’s a talented and dynamic football player, but his personal life seems like it’s in such a bad place that any hope of getting on the field anytime soon is out the window.